We-Vibe Bond Undercover Tease

The We-Vibe Bond. It’s like a panty vibe, but for men!

We-Vibe Bond in the box

What is the We-Vibe Bond

The We-Vibe Bond “Undercover Tease” really is like a panty vibe for men. As usual, I was skeptical when purchasing this, but Barbwire encouraged me to give it a try. We’d driven about an hour from home to a Hustler Hollywood. She’d gotten a We-Vibe Nova 2 and a Crave Vesper (vibrator on a necklace!), and she wanted me to get something. I’m pretty sure we pay the lease for some of the toy stores, but usually it’s toys for her. That’s my fault of course, I am notoriously stubborn when it comes to spending money on myself.

I looked at a few toys, but this one interested me due to the perennial stimulation. I love when Barbwire is playing with me and plays with this area, so I thought I’d give a toy a shot at it. 

— Shadow

We-Vibe Bond Out of the box

We-Vibe Bond
We-Vibe Bond out of box

Of course Barbwire couldn’t wait to look at it when we got in the car, but the battery wasn’t charged. We plugged it in with magnetic USB charger and let it charge during our drive around town and back home. After getting home, I was able to look at the Bond. As I’ve grown to expect from We-Vibe, the packaging looks professional and is sturdy enough to protect the toy. The Bond comes with a remote, the magnetic USB charging cable, a custom fit ring link to extend the ring if needed, cloth carry bag, small instruction manual, and a safety manual with writing way too small for my older eyes to read, even with my readers on! The app for your phone is the same downloadable app that is used for other We-Vibe toys.

— Shadow

My First Impression of the We-Vibe Bond

We-Vibe Bond out of box
We-Vibe Bond out of box
We-Vibe Bond out of box

After charging the We-Vibe Bond, I put it on. The soft flexible ring (35mm) comfortably wraps around your shaft and ball sack. If the fit is too tight, you can add in the custom fit link that comes with it to extend the ring a few extra mm’s. I found it to be a little tight, but it felt good for short intervals (for longer intervals, I needed the ring extender attachment). Barbwire had already paired the Bond to her phone app and was alternating through the various patterns.

To my pleasant surprise, I had an erection almost immediately. Now mind you, I don’t think this thing could cause me to have an orgasm or anything, but it’s definitely a good tease. The strap acts almost like a cock ring, couple that with the vibrations and pulses from the motor down at my perennial area and it felt really good. the vibrations and pulses were deep at times, but not quite as strong as I’d like them to be. That’s probably a good thing though if I wear this in public.

— Shadow

The Bond is quiet, well... Mostly

All the reviews I’ve read on the Bond since getting it, raved about how quiet it is. I found that to be true, mostly. When I sat on the bed however, this little thing rumbled. Now, I’ve been naked, dressed, and in the car with it and haven’t had that issue, but I’ll be careful when I wear it in a restaurant (just in case). There isn’t much “under-cover” if it alerts everyone in the building that I’m wearing it. Am I wrong? Anyway, I’ll update this once I’ve worn it more in public.

Update: Ok, I’ve worn it out a couple of times now. When walking around in a supermarket, gas station, etc, there is no need to worry about anyone hearing this. That said, while waiting on a prescription to be filled, Barbwire tried a little too hard to convince me to sit down. Now mind you, I’d already thought about sitting down, but took one look at the metal mesh seat and decided there wasn’t a chance. I could already picture a video of me on “people of Wal-Mart” as the metal mesh seat amplified the sound announcing to everyone in the pharmacy of Walmart that my nether regions were vibrating like an orbital sander. No thanks!

— Shadow

Wearing the Bond during extra curricular activities is great!

The Bond is a great tease. It’s something to keep the guys thinking about sex, and their partners have fun knowing what they are doing to you. Where this thing really shines though, is during those extra curricular activities. You know what I’m talking about! Sex and blow-jobs! The Bond really kicks the game up. I mean, I already LOVE sex and blow-jobs, but having the base of my shaft vibrating as well as my perennial area takes it to another level! With multiple sensations all at once, your shaft isn’t all that’s getting blown. It’s mind-blowing how good it feels.

For her, I’m going to add a suggestion. Pair this with a quality G-Spot stimulator cream during sex. Check out our review on GPS from Pure Romance. We don’t have an affiliation with them of any kind, but I highly recommend trying it out. It can be used with finger play, sex, or any insertion toy to enhance stimulation. Check out our review of GPS here.

— Shadow

Bond Remote, and We-Vibe App

The remote that comes with the We-Vibe Bond is small, light weight, and easy to use when needed. It has basically 3 functions. Change the vibration pattern, and increase or decrease the intensity. It’s simple and effective, however, your partner won’t necessarily know when they are on a pattern that you enjoy unless you communicate that to them. If that’s an issue, you may prefer the app.

The We-Vibe app is standard across all of the app controlled products from We-Vibe. The only difference we’ve seen between toys with the app is controlling one motor in the toy, or two. We’ll review the app as well and leave a link here later. In short, that app allows you or your partner to visually control the Bond’s patterns and intensity from you phone. If your partner is at a remote location, they can link through the app to your phone and control the toy from anywhere. The Bond also comes in a packaged deal for couples with the Moxie (We-Vibe panty vibe) called the “Tease Us Set“, for those times when you want some discreet public play with one another.

— Shadow

We-Vibe Bond - Technical Stuff

  • We love waterproof toys, I mean, who doesn’t? Well, as luck would have it, the Bond is IPX7 waterproof, so it’s safe for those baths with some foreplay involved.
  • Custom fit – the Bond has a 35mm band and a custom fit right length extender. I found this handy when wearing the Bond for an extended period of time.
  • Body Safe – Biggest thing here for me was that it contains no latex.
  • The battery life is advertised as two hours. I mean, we play with these toys hard when we use them, and we have had no issues with the battery running out unexpectedly. We’re a bit distracted when we test, so we haven’t timed it, but this seems accurate.
  • Remote and app compatible – yep, but we covered that already.


  1. GREAT toy for teasing/foreplay
  2. Easy to use remote
  3. Waterproof
  4. Feels amazing during sex or oral play
  5. Discreet
  6. Perennial stimulation
  7. App control for your partner’s enjoyment
  8. Quick detachment capability
  9. Great battery life
  10. Easy charging with magnetic charger

— Shadow


  1. Perennial stimulation could be stronger and it doesn’t quite reach far enough for great perennial stimulation
  2. Can be loud when sitting on the right surface

Barbwire's take...

I’d say it’s pretty clear Shadow really likes buying toys for me. He especially likes the ones he can play with a remote or app and control. To get him to buy anything for himself I have to argue or just grab it and carry it to the register…remember the review on the Oxballs?! I got it without him being in the store with me. Anyhow, I coerced him into trying out The Bond. Coerced in the sense that I just grabbed the box and walked away. He’s been talking about how much he likes perineal stimulation, and I know he likes it when we’re playing and I use my fingers for some extra stimulation. Y’all, just listen to your partners! We like to see you enjoying things too!

As Shadow said, as soon we got in the car, I put it on the charger because I couldn’t wait to check it out. I’m a little impatient, like many people I suspect, when bringing home a new toy. I want to play with it! I was really excited that I’d get to control it and find out what he liked. The packaging and quality of the toy were what we’ve come to expect from We-Vibe, and I was happy that it went from a 0-100% battery on the hour ride home. I admit, after just a few minutes of having it on the charger, I had to turn it on just to get a quick impression of how the vibration would feel. More on that in a few.

— Barbwire

Unlike the Oxballs, no assistance was needed to put it on. I couldn’t wait to see what he thought. It’s always a risk that the reviews and ads won’t live up to the reality, and decent toys are a bit of the investment for some of us. Thankfully this one did not disappoint! As soon as he got it on, instant erection, and I’m all for anything that keeps things hard and ready! He really liked the steady vibration as well as the deeper vibration pattern. I think they could have made it a bit longer, to stimulate more of the perineal area, but hey, it’s a good starting point.

— Barbwire

After trying it out both at home, and then on the road, I think it’s fairly quiet…unless you’ve got it on full blast sitting down. Since it’s one that more adds to the main event, that’s fine as far as I’m concerned. Even all the way up it won’t result in a early finish when you’re still trying to pre-game. That said, it’s so much fun teasing him with a change of vibration or intensity here and there to mix things up without warning! And using it during sex turned out to be a great experience. It didn’t get in my way at all, and I was able to add a little pressure and hold it where he liked. If that’s not enough, I enjoyed feeling a little of the vibration as well during penetration…just a little extra for me too! I call it a win.

— Barbwire

Buy the Bond now and take your teasing Undercover!

Shadow from XXXplaytoys.com

Shadow’s rating of the We-Vibe Bond


Barbwire’s rating of the We-Vibe Bond


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