Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker

The Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker, why would I try it?

Why the Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker? It’s a fair question. Like many other guys, this was a bit outside my comfort zone. Now, I love sex. I love things that feel good. But I’m not experienced in having things up in no man’s land. So what made me try a toy like this? Well, like usual, we can blame Barbwire for this. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been curious about the P-spot, but never really tried it until one night I asked Barbwire to try to stimulate it for me.

To put it mildly, the sensation was overwhelming. But in a REALLY good way. It didn’t make me cum, but damn it felt really, really, good. Now mind you, I’m not going to judge anyone else because of what they like, but I happen to be very straight. I’m sure it’s due to the stigma for us straight guys of using that hole for anything other than an exit, but having her finger there felt really dirty. It felt even dirtier that I liked it. And yes, that itself it kind of a turn on, but I was still very self-conscious. But of course, Barbwire is always trying to get me to find a toy I like, so I tried a couple. The first toy I tried was the Optimale Rimming P-Massager. I haven’t gotten my review of that one up as of this writing, but I’ll try to have it up soon. Let’s just say the only positive’s were easy in, and easy out. But I wasn’t going to give up from one bad experience.

That is why I decided to try the Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker. I mean c’mon, even I think that name is hilarious. So why not?

I was able to open and test the motor of this while at the novelty shop. I compared it to two other similar toys and the motors in the Ass-Gasm Pro were far superior. And the price? Well, it was similar to both of the products I tested at the store, and to the complete failure that was the Rimming P-Massager. I at least had some level of confidence that I may enjoy this one.

Thrusting Vibrator


Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker
Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker

While the Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker itself feels very well made, the packaging is very simple. A professional looking box on the outside, with the Ass-Gasm Pro and a magnetic charger in a sealed plastic bag inside. That’s it. I do think adding a nice cloth carry/storage case would be a nice addition. 

So what is the Ass-Gasm Pro, or a P-Spot Milker for that matter

Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker

First, let’s explain what the P-Spot is. The P-Spot, is basically the male version of the G-Spot for female’s. Many of us aren’t aware of it, or at least haven’t found it for the exact reason of the stigma I mentioned above. The P-Spot is basically the back of the prostate, just inside the rectum (about 6-8 cm inside generally). The prostate and surrounding nerves/organs are heavily involved in erectile function and ejaculation. This is why the P-Spot is so sensitive to stimulation.

Note: The P-spot is located just under your bladder and you may feel sensations similar to needing to urinate. Do that first so you aren’t worried about it while being stimulated.

A P-Spot milker can be anything that “milks” the prostate from inside the anus. In my first experience, this was Barbwire’s finger. The second toy didn’t stimulate it at all. The Ass-Gasm Pro however, wow, it hits right where it should.

My first reaction

I’ve tried a few toys by now that can fit in this category, surprisingly the only toy that felt good was the le Wand XO. Yes, I know, and there is a story there, click here and go check it out in our review. My first thought was how easy and painless the Ass-Gasm Pro was to get in, with plenty of lube of course. Please use plenty of lube, I’m pretty sure putting anything in there without lube would feel like a pine cone going in and worse coming out.

Once in, I turned on the P-Spot Milker. I distinctly remember the words “Oh shit” coming out of my mouth and Barbwire looking at me with a look of concern. There was no need to worry, the words just came out, but the reaction was one of pure surprise at how good it felt. As good as the Ass-Gasm Pro feels, it’s hard for me to cum while using it. I did manage to cum with it while Barbwire was sucking me off, and I cummed VERY hard! It felt like it took a lot longer than normal (she assures me it didn’t). I believe this is just due to being overwhelmed with the various sensations. Besides, who’s gonna complain about lasting longer if you do? Well, I guess maybe the person doing all the work, but Barbwire didn’t complain. What a gal!

Design and manufacturer claims

Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker

Pipedream makes the Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker as one of their toys in the anal fantasy elite collection series. They claim that it simultaneously Milks, Massages, Tugs, Jerks, and Vibrates. This might be true to an extent, but my experience was that the C-ring wasn’t quite tight enough for the “rocking” that should cause it to tug and jerk. I still can’t complain.  The um… “finger”? uses a “come hither” motion on the P-Spot and it feels amazing. Between the “finger”? and C-ring is a “hump” with a vibrating motor to massage your perineal area. This works ok, but the sensation is definitely overpowered by the sensation of the P-Spot Milker.

Final thoughts

The Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker (seriously, can’t they find shorter names for guy’s toys) may or may not end up being one of my favorites. As it stands now, it is my favorite for this type of stimulation. But it has definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities and I will be trying more. I still have a few reviews to get up from toys I’ve already tried, but the next two I want are both from Lovense and both are app controlled AND IPX7 waterproof! Next up! Lovense Diamo and the Lovense Edge 2. The Diamo looks to be a larger version of the We-Vibe Bond which I reviewed ( read that review here), and the Diamo is an adjustable Prostate Massager. Lovense is a name I trust. I know they have strong reliable motors, and my favorite app control on the market.

Guy’s, don’t sell yourself short because of some stigma. If you think you might like it, try it. If you don’t want to spend the money first, ask your partner to give it a test run first. You’ll like it, or you won’t, but you’ll know. As Barbwire always says, “it’s only kinky the first time”!


  1. Strong Motors
  2. Perfect stimulation of the P-Spot
  3. Durable
  4. Magnetic Charger
  5. Reasonable cost
  6. Good variety of vibration modes
  7. Peroneal stimulation (would be better with tighter C-Ring, but is good)


  1. Might just be my tight ass, but pushes out way too easy.
  2. C-Ring needs to be tighter
  3. Not waterproof

Have your own Ass-Gasm!

Shadow from

Have your own experience with the Ass-Gasm Pro? Or thoughts on why guys can be timid about trying P-Spot stimulation? We’d love to hear from you. Post in the comments below.

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