Oxballs Squeeze Ball Stretcher!

Oxballs Squeeze in various colors

Still one of my favorite male sex toys!

When Barbwire first purchased the Squeeze ball stretcher from Oxballs, I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, sure, I knew I loved having my balls pulled on during sexual activities, but I’d never tried anything like this before. (Never tried it!? Oh, you definitely should. You’ll thank me later.) And it was pretty inexpensive, so I honestly didn’t expect much.

As most men that like having their balls pulled on can attest, it feels amazing until a ball is “squeezed”, not pulled. That hurts like hell! The Squeeze feels great just by itself. It’s tight on your sack, and gently pulls your balls. The interesting thing about the Squeeze is that it allows your partner a handle of sorts to grab and pull on. 

How do you use the Oxballs Squeeze?

The Squeeze is made of a very soft rubbery feeling substance that Oxballs calls flexTPR™. It’s a very soft and stretchy material that has been extremely durable, yet grips your skin so that it stays wrapped where it should.

Oxballs Squeeze Demo
Squeeze in the color red

The squeeze can be used in conjunction with a cock ring as well, but unlike one piece cock ring ball stretchers, it still allows a good hard pull on your sack. For a one piece ball stretcher with cock ring, check out our review of this one from Pipedream. My favorite experience with this was in conjunction with the E-Stim Pro Zues. I’ve had no issues with mine. Anyway, I’ll put a little about that toy at the bottom of the article.

Barbwire's take on the Squeeze

Being a…uh…frequent visitor to the local sex stores (and any we may be near when traveling haha), I’ve obviously seen ball stretchers. I honestly never thought too much about them, to be honest. I mean, we have an incredibly active sex life, but I just never really considered them. Shadow is a big fan of having his balls pulled. When it comes to sex, unless of course it’s just something you aren’t comfortable with, I think it’s important to be willing to experiment. If there’s something that just really does it for your partner, try it out! I know how much I appreciate that if there’s something new I want to try, he’s always eager to let me, and I love when he finds something that turns him on.

So when he asked me to pull his balls (typically, and I guess logistically the most likely position to do so during blow jobs), I admit, it made me a little nervous! I’m not a guy, I don’t know what things down there can tolerate! And therefore, I was very careful…apparently too careful. He’d always keep saying pull harder, and I’m thinking if I pull any harder something is gonna pop right off. All I could imagine was having to make an early morning visit to the ER and trying to explain why I broke him.

— Barbwire

Joylovedolls Cabriella
Joylovedolls Miley

That got me thinking maybe something could help out, probably when I saw them on a website with some other toys. There were a few different options, but mostly a few variations on the same thing…throw in a extra ring for the shaft, maybe a bullet that vibrates, and pick a color. I know he likes it when I pull fairly hard, so a thin little ring didn’t seem like it would make enough of a difference. I didn’t really have any idea which would feel better for him, but the primary reason was that I’m always up for trying things that give him pleasure!

Reviews were good for the Ox balls, but I couldn’t really find much. They looked kinda soft, but the length was a bit bigger than most I saw, so I figured they would be a good starting point. Thankfully he’s willing to try pretty much anything I suggest when it comes to sex, and it was a surprise for him!

They are soft, and pretty stretchy, and they are a pain in the…balls…to get on alone! Y’all, this thing is almost the length of my finger and about as thick as some of the cock rings I’ve seen, and trying to get your balls into it is going to be a lot easier if you’ve got a helping hand 😉 Stretch that thing out like you’re trying to fit a hand through, and then have some help guiding the dangly bits through, you’ll thank us for giving you a heads up! If having your balls pulled gets you off, you definitely want to give this a shot!

— Barbwire

As for my opinion on the Ox balls…I can tell Shadow really enjoys how it feels! There’s absolutely nothing more of a turn on than knowing that your partner is excited and enjoying what you’re doing, so I love it. It definitely makes it a little easier for me to wrap my hand around and pull without worrying that something is going to get pinched or squeezed. I love that he gets to enjoy the sensation of me pulling his balls while we’re playing!

Since there doesn’t seem to be as much effort put into finding toys for the guys (yeah, that’ll be a whole different post), I’m glad we found one that adds a little something just for him. Bonus points that it can be used in or out of the water, and that the length stretches enough that he can leave it on for the main event!

— Barbwire

The E-Stim Pro Zues can be a bit difficult for me to get on after I am already fully hard. I call it my electric donut, it’s electro-stimulation which means it’s literally shocking you. I’ve found that it works best with water-based lube as well. One more important lesson learned, keep it fully down near your pubic bone when on, if it’s on and get’s mid-shaft or near the tip, this thing hurts!

Zues E-Stemulator


  1. Soft
  2. Flexible
  3. Great handle for when your partner want’s to get them boys a good pull
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Feel’s great


  1. For what this is, I don’t really have any complaints.

Shadow’s ranking of Oxballs Squeeze


Barbwire’s ranking of Oxballs Squeeze


Buy Squeeze and get your balls stretched!

Shadow from XXXplaytoys.com

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