le Wand XO More Than You Expect

First time user and the le Wand XO sold me

The le Wand XO is my first Le Wand product, recommended by the staff at a nearby toy store. I’m pretty familiar with We-Vibe and Lovense, which make up a good portion of my collection (someone has storage ideas, right?). I’ve also had a few lesser known brands, at least they were lesser known to me. Having good experiences with those, it’s easy to stick to what you know, especially if you’ve tried other brands and they just don’t quite deliver.

Thankfully, this store has a display table because who doesn’t want a heads up on what to expect before dropping $200? They rotate through what they’ve got up, but they were able to get one out of the case for me to check out when I asked about the Le Wand XO. From the first time I picked it up, I was pretty impressed with it, before even turning it on. This feels like a high-quality toy! It doesn’t feel cheap and plastic-y (I know) at all! It’s got a bit more weight to it for the size than I expected, and it was small enough to be very comfortable to handle. I’ve got small hands, so sometimes bigger just means I’ve got to spend time I could be enjoying a toy having to manage it instead. It feels good in my hand…but how about the motor? No one wants a half-ass vibration! If I wanted that, I’d get a bullet.

From the first low setting, I could tell it was going to feel good. That was enough for me to give it a shot. It’s a little smaller than a lot of my toys, but I was willing to give it a try.

— Barbwire

le Wand XO

Un-boxing the le Wand XO (no pun intended)

le Wand XO
le Wand XO

It seems to be my luck lately that I’m getting toys I have to charge before I can try it out. Maybe that’s the difference between a smaller local store versus a large chain store? I don’t know. But I know I’m impatient! I have to charge it just enough to try it for a minute before I leave it on the charger for the full effect. 

Of course we ended up having to get a car charger with more plugs, because Shadow got the Bond the same day, and I didn’t want to have to drive an hour home and THEN wait for it to charge. I’ve got such a good husband…Shadow found the closest store, and we got both charging.

Because I can’t wait, I let it charge for a few minutes before trying it, and even without being fully charged, the vibration was as strong as I experienced when I saw it at the store.

The Le Wand XO comes with the typical cloth drawstring bag (seriously…do we hang these suckers on the wall or put them on a shelf or what? I don’t have near enough storage space!). Again with the really nice toy, and no magnetic charger. Hmm. Is this a quality thing? Do they not charge as well? Maybe it’s a company preference? I can’t be that it doesn’t charge as well, because less than 45 minutes later we were at a full charge on a car charger. It’s a good thing I wasn’t the one driving.

— Barbwire

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Rocking it

After getting home, I was pretty excited to try it. I’d like to point out that the size for me is great…after sliding it in, the curved part pressed right up against my clit, which is always a good thing. Internally, I’d say it hit just above my g-spot, but using it in a kind of rocking movement where I was using it to grind back and forth against my clit and not just in and out, it felt amazing rubbing back and forth against it with the vibration.

The size and thickness doesn’t provide the typical fullness of other toys I’ve got, but as far as hitting two specific points of pleasure, I’d say it’s fantastic. I enjoyed this toy every bit as much for what it’s designed for, and I’m very much interested in trying other Le Wand products because of my experience with this one. Shopping trip in the near future Shadow?

— Barbwire

Yes dear!

— Shadow

Anal Anyone?

le Wand XO
le Wand XO

Another thing I want to point out, primarily because it really just wasn’t something that occurred to me before the saleslady at the store mentioned it, is that this toy doesn’t have to be used just for g-spot stimulation. I never would have thought (although I’m sure Shadow would have at least considered it at some point), is that this can be used anally as well. I have tried some anal toys, with varying degrees of success (or I guess varying degrees of pleasure might be a better phrase). From the b-vibe to the double penetrating one that goes on the DJ Motorbunny Buck, this might be one of my favorites primarily because it feels good, it’s easy for me to use, and it’s portable.

I’d say I’m still in the beginning stage of playing with anal toys, and I’m still getting used to things and trying to find what I like. This was a better experience for me than most, and the only one I’d say I liked as much was the double penetration for the Buck and a very soft thinner dildo I got not long ago. I like the vibration to keep me focused on the pleasure rather than the initial discomfort, and it goes deep enough to feel good without it being intimidating.

It’s only kinky the first time, so seriously, try it! And be creative with how you use your toys! It doesn’t have to be any specific way it’s “designed” for! Experiment, because you never know what will take things to the next level!

— Barbwire

A surprise for the curious guy!

So, yeah, I tried that out. And yes, it actually felt very good. This was the first toy I’d used that actually stimulated my P-Spot. It wasn’t a direct hit on the P-Spot like the Ass-Gasm Pro I later tried (read that review here), but it was the first to stimulate it. And it did a very good job.  The le Wand XO also offers some perineal stimulation. It was easy to get in and out (LUBRICATION Y’ALL! all caps for those in the back) and wasn’t painful at all.

After using it, I could feel a sensation where my P-Spot is for the rest of the night. It was a very odd sensation,  but not unpleasant at all. So guys, if you want to dip your feet into a little Prostate play not knowing if you’ll like it or not, this is a great toy to start off with. If you don’t like it, you still get the benefit of getting her off with it. And if you’re like me, getting her off is always better than getting yourself off.

— Shadow

Experience the le Wand XO for yourself

Barbwire from Barbwirebdsm.com
Shadow from XXXplaytoys.com

If you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share. Please, post them in the comments section below.

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