Why a Lack of Sex Toys For Guys?

To the girls, do you realize the serious lack of sex toys for guys there is? You know how excited you get when you get some new toys to play with? When you see one that promises amazing orgasms, and actually delivers? How about when that waterproof one that makes bath time a whole new experience? It’s pretty great, right? I mean, yeah…we can use our fingers, but why?

There’s literally hundreds of toy options available for us girls! They’ve thought of more than I could ever have imagined. There’s magnetic chargers (no batteries, yay!), ones that heat up, and even ones that penetrate everywhere! So many designs are out there…cute and discreet, and even some extravagant alien-looking attachments to the heavy-duty Motorbunny (see our review of the Motorbunny Buck here). You can literally shoot a jolt of electricity to your favorite spot with some of them…whatever does it for you!

— Barbwire

Why is there a lack of sex toys for guys?

Seriously…what’s the hold-up with decent sex toys for the guys? Shadow is NOT cooperative when it comes to spending money on a toy for himself, and on one hand, I get it. The options for guys seem to be limited to different color cock rings and sleeves. They all essentially look the same, just with varying thicknesses and lengths. Where we have nearly the entire sex toy store dedicated to walls filled with toys for women, the guys get a corner. What kind of sense does it make to have a few basic, boring options for guys? I want my partner to have fun and enjoy sex as much as I do, even if he’s home alone and is just indulging in some fantasies to get off. I want to know what sensations feel amazing to him, and if I can find something that will do that, then of course I want him to try it!

— Barbwire

I can’t disagree with Barbwire here. She’s been on me for a long time to buy a toy I thought I’d like, and I’ve tried. Some were ok, and some had potential (they didn’t fit well), but wouldn’t work on me. Even now, there aren’t many I just choose to use because I like them, but there are a few. There are a variety of reasons for this, but let’s face it, most sex toys for guys are variations of the same thing.

— Shadow

What can be done about the lack of sex toys for guys?

Is the lack of sexy toys for guys because guys don’t like sex? Pfft. Yeah, I can tell you that’s not it. Guys spend more time thinking about sex than females, I’m pretty sure. Shadow and I have a very active sex life, and I can tell you that he thinks about it at least twice as much as I do. 

If, as a general rule, guys are more visually stimulated (like every time they see a female bend over to pick something up lol), then why give them boring stuff to pick from and just make it available in different colors? Let’s see…do we go with the rubber tube, or the rubber ring? Ooooh…but the ring comes in black or red! Decisions, decisions. Maybe the ass cheeks with the hole! Well damn , maybe not…she ain’t got no legs to hold on it! Oh look…a whole doll…well…at least it doesn’t want to talk about my feelings after, so there’s that! They don’t care what it looks like exactly the same way females do…but can you imagine your only choices being a bulky tube you’ve got to hang on to AND maneuver while trying to get off or a ring that *hopefully* fits around you, stays where it’s supposed to, and feels good?

— Barbwire

A whole doll? Lifelike, deep enough for me, warm, soft, and wet… Maybe. Still seems a bit odd and fake, but then, isn’t that what a dildo is? A pocket pussy? That doesn’t do it for me. Honestly, I’m probably not looking at the doll if I’m fucking it, I’m certainly not looking at any other toy (unless it just looks weird like a torso or something, but if I’m that turned off, I’m not doing much fucking with it). Why the hell would you think I need something that looks like a 3D image of some celebrities nether regions attached to a big tube in my hand? I need it to be hands free, feel good, and damn, make it interactive to porn (this is actually trending with some larger companies).

I assure you, we guys Love sex, and yes, we do think about it a LOT! I’m a bit larger than average. Thicker than normal and 8 inches long. I’ve tried the Zolo Tornado. It had a lot of potential, but I didn’t fit. Seriously, the motor rotating the beads just stopped. Make toys that fit without us having to research the library of congress to find out before we spend.

So what about a stroker. I have the Zolo DP Stroker. I suppose it’s good for what it is, but other that using it so I could review it (review coming soon), it’s been sitting in my closet for probably a year or more. I enjoy things like cock rings, perineal massagers, ball stretchers, and a good prostate massage.

Give me a toy that isn’t bulky, that I don’t have to hold, and that feels natural. Make it warm, wet (lube can do this), and tight. Give me a toy I don’t have to pay a hundred dollars or more for only to find out it doesn’t fit. There is great technology that the sex toy market is playing with. Make it interactive. There are a few toys out there that meet some of these categories, but very few. And even fewer good enough that are too expensive for me to chance wasting that much money on.

— Shadow

No sex toys for guys because they don't buy them?

Maybe it’s because they don’t think guys will spend money on sex toys like females will. Hmm. With the few choices they offer, sounds like self-fulfilling prophecy to me. Listen y’all…guys are not all that complicated when it comes to sex. If you ask your guy to try something, and he knows it’s going to lead to you giving him some, odds are decent he’ll at least try it out. Honestly, if you’re the one initiating talking about sex and making suggestions involving sex, meaning you’re the one thinking about it, he’s gonna pay attention and be interested. Maybe not everything you suggest, compromise is important. Find something that looks reasonably manly and not a cute pink one, and your odds increase even more!

— Barbwire

She’s on to something you know. I’ve heard girls brag about their new sex toys. How many guys do you hear doing that, or anything about sex toys for guys? I’ll wait… Probably none. I think guys see an unspoken stigma with using sex toys. Now some guys try to hold their girl to that too. I’m sorry, but this article isn’t meant for them. If they are that insecure and immature, then they shouldn’t be interested in a sex toy, or this web site for that matter. For the rest of the guys, could it be the stigma that if you need a sex toy, you are inadequate? Does the phrase sex toys for guys sound similar to nails on a chalkboard? It might be the stigma.

I assure you this is not the case. If you are like me, you love to see, hear about, or otherwise know your significant other is getting off. It’s a turn on. Why do you think it’d be any different for them to know you do the same. Barbwire likes to watch me just like I like to watch her. More often that not, we are using the toys on one another.

Guys, don’t be afraid to start out small with something like Ox Balls Squeeze (ball stretcher- review here), or a cock-ring. Girls, your man may be timid or embarrassed by the thought of getting a toy for himself. As a matter of fact, the thought may have never even crossed his mind. Don’t be afraid to encourage him (we actually like that). Sex toys for guys can be great, and we’re not there yet, but they are getting better.

— Shadow

Is it a stigma keeping guy's from buying sex toys?

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I guess there may be some stigma associated with guys using sex toys…but I honestly don’t get it. First of all, why do you care what anyone else thinks about it? It’s not as if you have to post pictures on your facebook account advertising the new cock ring you just got anyhow. I mean, if you do, then yay for you…but that’s your call. Since you don’t have to Instgram everything about your sex life, if it’s something that would feel good and get you off, where’s the stigma come in? We all know guys like sex. Not a newsflash. We knew that pretty early on in life.

— Barbwire

Any suggestions? Seriously!

I just want to throw this out there. Things are getting better. They may not be advertised well or easy to find, but some companies are starting to do better. Lovense and Kiiroo are two examples of companies that are making interactive toys for men through gaming or porn. Joylovedolls sells a lot of sex toys, not just dolls as the name suggest, but the female dolls actually look pretty lifelike. And if your man is into fantasy or anime, they have those dolls too. Some with warming holes even! There are some sites like TheEnhancedMale that cater to men. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things. You might find something you like!

I can’t say I’ve got any grand ideas about what options could be dreamed up, but let’s hear some suggestions! Maybe even suggest them to the manufacturers that are supposed to be interested in hearing about our concerns and filling a niche that no one else does! I don’t know any guys that wouldn’t have some opinions on what they think would feel good if they were asked. So is anyone actually asking?

— Barbwire

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Shadow from XXXplaytoys.com

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