Lovense Ferri Panty Vibe

Why did we choose the Lovense Ferri for our Panty Vibe?

The Lovense Ferri Panty Vibe is everything we were looking for in a Panty Vibe. Lovense does a really great job with the app. In our experience it’s the best app on the market. The motors offer strong vibration, and the design is just right. Our experience with Panty Vibes in the past have been a lot of fun, with the weak point for each being the magnets getting lost. We were able to compare this one side by side with the We-Vibe Moxi+ that came highly recommended by the young lady helping us decide. Both were very well built, and both companies are very reputable. In the end, I think the deciding factor was Lovense’s app. 

Not our first Panty Vibe

I’ve tried a few panty-vibes. Shadow has a serious thing about being able to tease me whenever he wants, so these are great. We’ll have to get the review up of the Vedo soon, so you can get an idea of how much fun they can be! The problem I’ve had with them is that my two previous ones, I lost the magnets. I think one of them is in the back yard somewhere lol. Don’t judge, I paid for the backyard, and I can do what I want in it! Anyhow, they weren’t very strong magnets, and they don’t stay in place very well without one, so I haven’t used them for a while now. They just sat collecting dust in the giant toy box we have to shuffle around.

— Barbwire

Why choose the Ferri?

Lovense Ferri

On one of our trips to help them pay rent at Hustler, I decided I needed to get another one. I kind of went back and forth between a couple, but I ended up getting the Lovense Ferri. After checking out the one on display, the vibration was strong AND so was the magnet! The app for Lovense is a little better in my opinion, than We-Vibe’s, so it seemed like the perfect combination. Another selling point was the my previous panty-vibes were a bit…flat. The Ferri is more raised I guess? Meaning I don’t have to lean forward or move around to get it in the right spot quite as much as I have with other ones.

— Barbwire

When we got in the car, as usual with purchases from Hustler, I had to charge the toy. Yep, again. I’m sure there’s a reason some stores have toys you can walk out the door, clean off, and use right away while others come dead as a doornail. I don’t know the reason, but I’m sure there’s some explanation. Since we frequently help pay rent at Hustler, it wasn’t unexpected. Thankfully The Ferri charged pretty quickly. I like the magnetic chargers…maybe that’s why they charge so fast?! The display was charged, but a fully charged Ferri is phenomenal in how strong the vibration is. The magnets (you only need one at a time, but it comes with a back-up!) are strong enough that no amount of walking or movement caused it to shift from where it was placed. The raised part of The Ferri hits exactly where you want it, and it’s fantastic!

— Barbwire

Lovense Ferri
Lovense Ferri
Lovense Ferri
Lovense Ferri

So, how was the Lovense Ferri in action?

Once the toy was charged, I was ready to try it out. But perhaps a more…entertaining description will be the first time I used it out of the house.

Not to name names, but “someone” likes to tease me no matter where we are. So, we went shopping. Now I’m not a big fan of shopping…well, with a couple exceptions obviously. But this was a memorable trip! With The Ferri tagging along, Shadow played around with testing how far away it would work with the app. I think we might have set his phone to control rather than me sharing control from mine, so a couple times I got too far away, and it just stayed on the last setting. It picked up on it’s own when we got within reaching distance for the connection to work, and he got back to teasing.

Imagine trying to walk normal as you get more and more turned on, hoping no one will hear the buzzing vibrator (they can’t when set on the lower settings, just in case you wondered). Now imagine standing in the checkout lane waiting your turn, and not sure you are going to be able to hold off until you get back to the car…as the nice lady slowly and carefully rings up your purchases. Yeah. You just never know what is gonna happen at the grocery store. People aren’t being rude when they ignore you or accidentally walk in front of you. They’re distracted…sometimes for good reason 😉

— Barbwire

The pee-pee dance

So there we were, standing in line at the register. At first, I honestly thought she needed to go pee. Bad! She was seriously doing the pee-pee dance. Complete with crossing her legs and all! I considered turning it off, but where’s the fun in that!? She didn’t cum, but I was certain at the moment that she was about to. Oh what fun that would have been. Unfortunately for the rest of us, and just in time for her, the battery died. Granted, she’d tried it out a few times since the last recharge. Note to self… Remind her to charge her toys!

And girls, don’t let her fool you. She likes to tease me just as much when she has me wear the Bond. It has a remote and an app too! You can read that review here.


— Shadow

You want your own now don't you!

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If you have an experience with the Lovense Ferri we’d love to hear it. Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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