Motorbunny Buck, what is In the box

Motorbunny Buck, expensive and worth the money!

Motorbunny Buck, what is In the box

If you’ve looked into getting the Motorbunny Buck, or any saddle style vibrator for that matter, you know they are expensive, but are they worth the money? Hold onto your saddle, because we are about to tell you all you need to know about the Motorbunny buck!

Motorbunny Buck, Basics First

We bought it, tested it, and are now giving you an honest review of our experiences.

Let’s get the basic’s out of the way first. This review is for Motorbunny Buck, not to be confused with the original Motorbunny, or any other saddle style sex toy I’ve found on the market. This is the ONLY thrusting machine I’ve seen of it’s kind. If you know of others, please tell me in the comments below. All of the other machines have soft attachments that vibrate, and while the Buck does vibrate, the real kicker with this toy is in the unique thrusting motion. Thrust and vibration can  be controlled separately. If you are looking for a vibrating version of this, check out the original Motorbunny.

Attachments and Accessories for the Motorbunny Buck

Unlike the Original Motorbunny, the Motorbunny Buck has it’s own line of direct attachments that are not compatible with any other devices (Check out our review of Mt. Gushmore here). Fortunately, these attachments do however allow you to use any Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock attachment with your Buck. Doc Johnson does a really good job with these attachments. They are durable, have a really good texture, and are the right combination of firm, yet still soft and flexible.

As for accessories, Motorbunny has a good line of accessories such as a travel case, knee pads, hand and feet restraints, easy rider sling, and even a forced orgasm belt. Just be careful when ordering attachments to ensure they are compatible with the Buck.

— Shadow

Motorbunny buck, does Size Matter?

Motorbunny Buck Front of Box
Motorbunny Buck Side of Box
Motorbunny Buck Back of Box
Motorbunny Buck other side of box
8" Doc Johnson Dong Attachment for Buck
8" Dong

The Motorbunny Buck is a Big Toy, in every sense of the word! Seriously, at almost 20 lbs and requiring hand grip spots to move around, this is a heavy duty piece of good times all around. The packaging was higher quality than I expected, it even comes with a cover for when you’re not using it. All black with metal rings to attach handcuffs (see mine here to add to the party!), and various skin-toned attachments for a great ride are pretty appealing to me. I really like the seat shape, but I’m not a huge fan of the having cords coming from both the front and back…more on that later. There are 4 more or less coasters underneath that rest on the floor, so the vibration isn’t dampened, so that’s a plus!

— Barbwire

Motorbunny Buck Attachments

At first glance the height looks good…I’m short, so I have to think about things like that. The Buck feels very solid and really nice….very soft and smooth…perfect for when you’re all hot and bothered 😉 Stick-em-with-the-pointy-end attachments included were the Thrust Toggles, The Thumper, The Sweet Spot, the DJ Dong1 (No Balls), and the DJ Dong2 (dangly bits included). The Flat vibration doesn’t penetrate, but it’s in there too! Will I use the Travel Adaptor? Would that thing be manageable to take to another country outside the US? Um, probly not. But it’s there for those of you that might. Do I need the No Balls? Nah, not really, but you might like it like that!

— Barbwire

Motorbunny Buck Thumper
Motorbunny Buck DJ Dong 1 no balls

Booster Seat required (for me)

Now that I got my view of the technical bits out of the way, here’s what you’re really after. There’s a LOT here, so strap yourselves in for the ride!

You know I had to try all the things…with this many parts, there’s bound to be orgasms galore to be had, and I (giving person that I am) tried them all, so you know in advance what you’re getting into.

First thing, this is NOT “made” for short people. I failed to take into account the fact that, while it looked like a great height for me…there is, at some point, going to be a phallic inspired attachment on top…look, I’m 5’4″…if I stretch to my full height. Yes, I am like most women, critical of my body, but I generally like my legs and think they look rather sexy when they’re spread out and tanned. They look long-ish to me. First attachment up was the 7″….7″ on top of the height of The Buck and the Toggle. Um. Easily fixed…we made our own booster pads for my knees. I just don’t want anyone surprised! With the padded pieces we made, it’s great! I saw something about some piece you can get to boost you up and over…but for now, we adapted and overcame (ha, see what I did there?).

— Barbwire

Motorbunny Buck DJ Dong 2 and Vac U Lock Ultraskyn 8 inch Cock
8" and 7" Dong

Cord placement! Not sure how well they thought this out...

Motorbunny Buck Right Angle Wedge

That brings me to my previous mention of the not liking the placement of the plugs. One end is for power (No batteries required? Yes PLEASE!), and the other end is for the controller. Because The Buck can be used on a flat surface, or on it’s side (and I’m all for being on my knees), there’s a Right Angle Wedge that you slip on the “bottom” if you’re up for it, and the plug goes through a hole there. Ha. Ok, I know, that was an easy one.

The wedge is firm enough that it’ll probably not be a problem. It holds firm just like it should. OK, come on, I couldn’t help it! It just makes me a bit…uneasy that one day that cord is going to be damaged and then what? It hasn’t happened so far, and we’re a year and a half in, but still. We couldn’t have put that cord somewhere that wasn’t in the way of a flat surface if it’s on it’s side? As much as was spent on quality, that was a bad call.

— Barbwire

After all, sex is messy, right!?

Oh, I almost forgot…the Vac-U-Lock powder. It’s messy. There’s no getting around it, but good orgasms usually are, right? So you’ve got to keep a bit of this stuff around for, uh, lubricating the bits and bobs for the tools. Yep, essentially, if you try to ram those hard-ons the hard way on their own, you’re in for a fight. They do NOT just slip on there with no Vac-U-Lock powder. Or in leiu of the name brand stuff, I hear you can use cornstarch. Hmm? I mean, I haven’t tried it myself…but that’s what I gather from researching the web.

— Barbwire

The Motorbunny Buck is POWERFUL!!!

In terms of intensity, this baby goes to 11. Yep, 1-11. You can start off at 1 just to get a feel for the movement of those long hard…accessories. But you’re not going to want to stay there! Kick it up! It’s intense at 11, like a good hard ride should be, so maybe start at a 3 and work your way through those numbers! I did start slow, a little nervous about what to expect, I haven’t used anything like The Buck before, so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I didn’t imagine that I’d be cranking it up like that at first. 7 is a good start for me after initially adjusting to the feel of it and maneuvering myself to where it feels best, but it doesn’t take long to hit the double digits!

Y’all…do NOT use the Motorbunny Buck with the vibration part going when you’ve got little minions around….just use the thruster part of the controller! Funny story…the first time I used mine, my husband graciously let me sample it while he was using an air compressor at the house. He didn’t want me to feel like I had to act some way to make him happy, he wanted me to try it out and see what I thought on my own.

So here we are, him in one room, me in the other, and all KINDS of racket careening through the house! It’s loud, ok! Granted, we have hardwood floors…but wow. Coincidentally, he got a phone call as he was using the compressor….thought nothing of it, answered the phone and asked the caller to hang on a second while he turned the compressor off. Our friend knew we were getting The Buck and assumed the compressor noise was us enjoying it… Your kids are gonna be thinking you’re doing construction in your house if you’ve got hardwood floors and the vibration on high. Thankfully ours have decent jobs and can afford therapy!

— Barbwire

Motorbunny Buck Controller

What do you get?

The texture of the 7″ DJ Dong2 (because, ya know I like the dangle bits too!), was actually kinda nice. I like that it didn’t feel plasticy. Plastic-y? I dunno? Is that a word? I like that it’s not pencil thin…Look, everyone has their preferences…I like a thick one ok? If that’s not for you, I’m certain there’s another attachment that will suit your preferences! Length is important (are we there yet?), but I like the feel of something nice and solid. You’ll feel this one going in, for sure. I can’t say it felt like the *real deal*, but for what it is, it didn’t feel as fake as most vibrators. The flexibility is nice, there’s actual movement that makes it feel more like a good ride.

— Barbwire

Motorbunny Buck DJ Dong 2 with balls
DJ Dong 2 with balls
Motorbunny Buck DJ Dong 1 no balls
DJ Dong 1 no balls
Motorbunny Buck Thrust and G-thrust toggle

That reminds me…the toggles! There are 2…the Thrust Toggle and the G-Thrust Toggle. They do different things, and can be use with the ride-ons (the pentrating toys). The Thrust Toggle goes up and down, in and out, whatever phrasing does it for you. The G-Thrust is more like a wave? It goes up and forward, in case (like me) you’re into that whole slide up and against my G-spot kinda girl. I did, in the interest of providing you all of the information, use both toggles.

The Thrust Toggle just isn’t my thing. It’s ok for what it is, it’s just that in and out…it’s not the same as feeling like the real shebang is happening. That G-Thrust Toggle though…Whew. That’s absolutely my thing! I almost don’t even need to move, it hits all the spots all on it’s own.

— Barbwire

Ok, the Sweet Spot doesn’t quite measure up for me. It’s good for what it is…but it’s not The Dong. It feels plasticy (we did this already, right? Plastic-y?). It DOES hit the G-Thrust Spot, but probably due to height issues, it takes a bit of maneuvering on my part. Is that a bad thing? No…but my preference is the soft-textured, flexible Dong. Don’t judge.

— Barbwire

Motorbunny Buck Sweet Spot
Motorbunny Buck Vibration only

The Flat/Vibration only piece is ok, but if I’m using a machine made, to put it bluntly, pound me, a bit of external vibration isn’t really what I’m in the mood for. I’m more interested in the penetration…I know, y’all are thinking some smartass stuff, but I know what I like! And if that’s not what you like, that’s fine. I’m just telling you what I am looking for, and you be the judge of if it’s for you.

We just added a review in a separate post. Mt. Gushmore is a *big* upgrade on the Flat/Vibration only attachment. You’ll definitely want to check here to see if it lives up to it’s name and delivers!

Bluetooth remote operation.

The Bluetooth app for this device (Motorbunny Link), much like other sex toy apps on the market allows you to control the toy with your phone, or give a friend or partner access to control the device. We’ve done minor testing of the app, and were not impressed. Setting the max level may just work for Chaturbate, but as far as setting it, then sending a link for phone to phone control, we were unable to get it to work. 

The app is clearly designed for the original Motorbunny, and it appears very little thought was given to getting it to work with the Buck. The “Draw” option is pretty much useless. We were unable to import any music into the app. Thruster pattern options are still listed as “twirl” along with the descriptive icons associated with the patterns indicating twirl and not giving you much information on the actual thrusting pattern. As for usability, we found it easier to just stick with the slider control, and even this is problematic.

Unlike the dial controller, using the slider control in the app has a very abrupt change at each level. This might be OK for you, but Barbwire was NOT a fan, especially since she was trying it with the Double-Penetrator attachment. This pretty much ended our testing session with the app. She went back to the dial controller, it has much finer adjustments and allowed her to start out slowly.

For those of you who use Chaturbate, there is integration there as well. Read more about Chaturbate integration here. Notice in the screenshot that you can set the Max power in your app leaving you in control of max intensity while still handing over control of the device to your partner! Hopefully it works there. If you have any experience with the Buck and Chaturbate, please leave your review in the comments section for others.

— Shadow

MB Link Screenshot
Motorbunny app slider control
Slider Control
Motorbunny app Preset Patterns
Preset Patterns
Motorbunny app Long-distance Options
Long-distance Options

So... Is the Motorbunny Buck worth the money?

For those of you still riding the fence, let me put it this way. I love everything about sex, from the initial thoughts to the follow-through. That said, it’s a lot, I know it is. I was really hesitant about spending so much on a sex toy, because hey, I’ve got the real thing that I enjoy every chance possible. I have a very active sex life, so it’s not as if I’m deprived by any means.

So why spend so much for what is, in the end, a sex machine that will (I hope) make me cum? Because sometimes it’s not because you don’t have the real thing there. Sometimes you and your partner BOTH get a little bit of fun out of the experience! I don’t use sex toys because my sex life is lacking. I like to have fun, and my partner LIKES watching me having fun with my toys! So after a lot of research, we wanted to try it out. It’s not a spur of the moment decision financially. The price tag is up there a bit. But I can’t say I regret a single penny.

With the cost, I can’t complain a bit. Sure, it’s a little bulky for storage, but then, I have a really SMALL house with very little room for storage. It’s not always as quick and easy as pulling out your trusty vibrator that always gets you off either. But in the end, I love that it’s durable, the quality is very impressive, the different attachments available make it versatile, and I love that I’m just an outlet away from as close to the real thing as I’ve seen before. I like that, when I purchased The Buck from Hustler Hollywood, they threw in a THANK YOU, in the way of the Addiction Glow in the Dark Brandon, a 7.5″ suction-cup dildo that GLOWS IN THE DARK! I know, maybe not your thing, but hey, it GLOWS! How cool is that?

— Barbwire

Addiction Brandon 7.5 inch
Addiction Brandon 7.5 inch
Pics of Shadow and Barbwire from xxxplaytoys
Shadow and Barbwire

Shadow's take

OK, I may have a bit of voyer kink in me when it comes to watching Barbwire getting pounded, and this thing can definitely do just that. I love watching her face as she or I gradually crank up the intensity. Oh, and I can’t even begin to describe how much fun it is when she’s on top of this and I’m sitting in a chair just in front of her (I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks), let’s just say this thing really makes her moan hard.

What is my favorite attachment for her to use? Well, it was the 8″ Dong (with dangly bits) that she ordered separately until recently she got the Doc Johnson Double Penetration  and Mt. Gushmore attachments, and all I can say is WOW! We’ll cover the DP soon in a separate review, just don’t use the app for it. Our review of Mt. Gushmore can be found by clicking here.

As for the original question… The Motorbunny Buck is expensive, and it’s definitely worth the money! Get one, you’ll thank us later.

— Shadow

Barbwire from

Barbwire’s ranking of the Motorbunny Buck.

Shadow from

Shadow’s ranking of the Motorbunny Buck.



  1. Thrusting! Need we say more
  2. Very, very Powerful
  3. Lot’s of attachments and accessories
  4. 11, yes, 11 year warranty!
  5. Separate thrusting and vibration controls.
  6. Easy to clean attachments
  7.  Comes with a lot of attachments to get you started
  8. Straight thrust, or G-spot thrust attachments (included)
  9. Can be used to ride, or while in prone or doggy style position
  10. Eyelets for restraints, for those of us into that kind of thing 😉


  1. The app! It’s designed for the original, and very little if any thought was given to make the interface work with the Buck. Fine tune control doesn’t exist in the app. Couldn’t get the “Max setting” for remote user to work.
  2. Vibration setting can be very loud. Of course, this is because it is very powerful, so how much of a con is this really?

Get your own Motorbunny Buck

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