We are Shadow and Barbwire. We are not your typical couple. We have been married for 21 years and still have and amazing sex life. We strongly believe that sex should be fun every time. We enjoy experimenting with everything from vanilla to bondage and BDSM. Barbwire makes leather BDSM goods that she sells on her website (shameless plug here) BarbwireBDSM.com. Shadow has been a Boudoir photographer, but recently has been working on sex furniture and Erotic Art (both of which can be found soon on Barbwire’s site). Through our enjoyment of all things sex, we decided to share our experiences with you. We have found some things to be amazing for spicing things up, while other purchases were not as advertised, or down right dangerous. We hope through our experiences, you can be both entertained and educated. We purchase everything we review with our own money so we can give you an unbiased opinion. We have no sponsors. That said, we do have affiliate links on our site when possible. If you make a purchase through these links, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. When we do not have the availability to offer an affiliate link, we still strive to give you a link where you can make a purchase. Our goal is to help you have as much fun with sex as we do. After all, sex really should be fun, right!? We will update our site as often as possible with new products and reviews, and try to let you know what’s coming soon if we’ve found something we just have to try. Through reading reviews on other sites, it is often apparent that the reviews are only written in order to sell a product. You won’t find that here. Here, you will find both his, and her true opinion on anything we review.

Barbwire is the star of the show. She often poses selflessly as a model for you, and loves to sacrifice herself as a Guineapig to find out which toys are ok, and which ones rock her world. She’ll tell you straight what she likes, and what she doesn’t. Barbwire will tell you firsthand in each review we wright what her opinion is, and she’ll tell it in a way that will keep you entertained and interested.

Shadow is the male in the relationship. Because of this, he may not directly be the one testing all of the items reviewed, but he will give you a first hand account of his perspective if he’s not the one testing. I mean, after all, his favorite thing to do other than Barbwire, is to watch her have an orgasm! Don’t worry though, Shadow likes to test out toys too, let’s just be real, most sex toys are geared toward the female. That, and Shadow can be a bit too big to test many of the toys that are made for the average man.

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