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GPS G-Spot Cream Review

Pure Romance GPS claim: "GPS G-spot Cream is specially formulated to stimulate your G-spot, making it easier to find and easier to experience the legendary G-spot orgasm. Infused with intimacy-boosting ginseng root extract, tingling spearmint leaf oil, and a triple blend of ingredients that help increase sensitivity, GPS G-spot Cream gets you where you want to go, in the bedroom and beyond."

What sets Pure Romance GPS apart from other creams?

I’ve tried different lotions, gels, and oils for sex. They all claim different things. They may claim to tingle, heat up, enhance your orgasm, or they taste good (yay for oral sex!). Most of the ones I’ve tried in the past might have a mild sensation, and some have been so intense they’re just uncomfortable. 

On a recommendation, I decided to try the GPS G-Spot Cream, from Pure Romance. Supposedly, it would cause some tingling when a small amount is massaged onto your G-spot and stimulate the area. The result is supposed to feel good, as well as cause some swelling. This should, in theory, make it easier for you or your partner to be able to find it. Like a GPS…yep. By myself, I have not really had a lot of luck finding the “target”, so hey, it’s worth a shot. Tingling could feel good.

Barbwire's take on Pure Romance GPS...

The GPS Cream comes in a little tube with a pump on it. It smells like a light Spearmint, so I didn’t worry too much that it would be too intense. The lotion is thin and silky feeling and didn’t leave an icky feeling on my fingers like some others have. A couple of pumps and a slow massage in there, and after a few minutes I could feel mild tingling, so of course I had to touch it!! 

I chose to use my We-Vibe Sync, which I mentioned in another review happens to be my favorite toy for reaching my G-Spot. They worked phenomenal together! The cream, along with the textured part of the Sync that massaged right there felt so good. I must admit I didn’t make it more than a few minutes before I couldn’t hold back. An intense orgasm, and I didn’t have to use my hands to achieve it!

After effects? Yes!

After an orgasm, I’m usually ready to go again right after, unless it’s a hard one. And I liked the hard ones. Sorry…I couldn’t help myself there. That was the case with the combination of the GPS Cream and the Sync. One thing I noticed though, was that my G-Spot was throbbing like crazy after. I’d say that lasted a good 10 minutes. That’s not something I’ve experienced before, so I thoroughly enjoyed it! Not only can I find it myself, but it feels good even after the main event! Yes!

In the interest of research of course, I tried it again

In the interest of research, I also tried the GPS Cream with the Lovense Lush 3, with very similar results. The throbbing after orgasming still occurred, just not quite as much. It didn’t last near as long, but it still added a little zing to the experience! The vibrations on the Lovense Lush 3 aren’t quite as “deep” (yeah…I know…) as the We-Vibe Sync, and it’s completely smooth. 

If you need that little extra texture to get you there, like I apparently do, the Sync is the toy for you! If you don’t necessarily need that, then both toys work quite well with the GPS, and I expect most that stimulate your G-Spot will!

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GPS cream can be purchased either from Pure Romance’s website, or preferably from a friend throwing a Pure Romance Party! If you don’t have a friend doing so, maybe give it a go yourself! For a comparison, we’ve also tired and reviewed a cream from Sensuva, G How I Adore you cream, read our review about it here.

Find your G-Spot with GPS

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