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Is the Snail Vibe a good Vibrator?

The Snail Vibe looks kinda funny, kinda like a snail actually, is it a good vibrator? And how did we even hear about this one? Well, Barbwire and I were recently at an Adult resort in Florida (Secretes Hideaway Resort and Spa in Kissimmee, if you’re into this kinda getaway, check this place out) on a getaway vacation.

While naked in the pool, we were enjoying the show on the stage poolside. Barbwire went to get drinks and missed part of the show, but they were demonstrating several toys including the Original Motorbunny and the Snail Vibe. They had a beautiful model for the demonstrations, then they would take a volunteer from the audience to try the toys out.

The Snail vibe looked different than anything I’d seen before. The volunteer on stage sure enjoyed it, twice, and finished with a squirting water show. It was kinda like Sea World, expect to get wet if your in the splash zone, lol. Anyway, Barbwire missed the show, but I told her about it after. And of course, I had to find a store soon after so we could give it a try.

So, is the Snail Vibe a good vibrator or not? Well, buckle up and read on while she tells you what she thinks.


When we first saw this, I was a little unsure exactly how it was supposed to be used. We were out of town, and Shadow got a pretty good demonstration, but I’d gone off to get drinks or something, so I missed it. He seemed to really think I’d enjoy it, and we ended up debating for a few hours before finally going to get one. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. That kinda makes me laugh a little, because um, it’s a vibrator. They’re generally not too confusing, and it’s not my first experience. Slide it it and go, right? But this ones has a curled up piece with another motor, not just a typical phallic-shaped vibrator. We figured it out quick enough. –Barbwire

She likes a nice package, what can I say?

First of all, I was definitively impressed with the packaging! This is not a cheap toy, but it’s not like the DJ Motorbunny Buck in terms of expense either. Rather than the typical fabric drawstring bag, it came with a case that holds both the charger and toy. As someone that gets frustrated about storing my…uh…collection, this was a nice addition. I probably have more toys than most (I blame Shadow for that!), it’s always a concern about where I’m going to put them when I get more. I’m sure someone can give me some ideas (please!?!?).

As for the toy itself, it feels really nice, soft and smooth. Especially for the price, it feels like a good quality product. The base I guess you’d call it is not flexible at all, but it’s still very smooth and feels nice. The flexible piece with the curled up snail-shape is very flexible. For future reference I’m gonna call this the head, because well…it kind of feels like the head haha. Base, head, yeah…that makes sense. Anyhow, this part is supposed to go up against you externally, and I was a bit worried it wouldn’t really provide any pressure. I also had hoped for a magnetic charging cable, especially since they threw in that case, but no such luck. — Barbwire

Does Snail Vibe deliver "The Goods"

Snail Vibe
Snail Vibe

Now for the good stuff, because this is what y’all really want to know! The rigidness in the main part of the Snail did not in any way disappoint me when we used it. In fact, in spite of my expectations, it kind of helped. I think the base not being flexible actually makes it a little more maneuverable to kind of guide it. The head goes all the way to the bottom of the base, and because it’s so flexible it distracts from the firmness of the base. If you like toys that provide some sensation anything like the real thing, try it out! The combination and different sensation you get from the two actually feels pretty amazing.

— Barbwire

As per usual, Shadow wanted me to use it by myself…I think he just likes to watch, if you want to know the truth 😉 He talks a good game, acting like it’s so I feel comfortable trying toys out myself so I can see what I think on my own, but really…he just likes watching me play LOL. It looked a bit longer than most of what I’ve used before, but it’s not really thick. Sliding the Snail in was easy. I’ve had toys that were a little harder to get in because they were so soft, so I like that.

After getting it in place, I really liked how the head felt vibrating against my clit. As soft and flexible as it is, the deep vibration stayed exactly where I wanted it. I really like the deeper vibrations more, in general, and this absolutely delivers on that point! I have used things like the Rabbit (a LONG time ago when it was first a thing), and I can’t say I loved the sort of flutter against my clit so much. It was good for what it was, but this is a huge improvement for me. It doesn’t flicker lightly against you, the curled piece makes sure it stays in constant contact, so there’s no loss of sensation no matter how far you’ve got it buried.

I’m a huge fan of dual motors, and this one feels really really good inside and out, providing both vibration inside and out, as well as fullness in depth and girth while sliding it in and out.

Sharing is caring, right!

Shadow didn’t leave me to play for too long by myself…after the first explosive orgasm, he was more than willing to help out through 3 or 4 more right after. The way the head was pressed against me just enough without being hard against me, as well as the internal aspect felt amazing, but not so overwhelming I couldn’t use it for back to back orgasms.

Sometimes that’s a thing! A toy will feel great, but you can’t handle it again right away because the sensation is just really intense. The Snail was just enough to get me off and off and off….you get the picture!

— Barbwire

The Snailvibe is Waterproof! You know we like that!

A quick side note! The Snail is waterproof, so I had to see how it felt in the tub. The ball on the end made it really easy to hold onto, which is a plus when you’ve got a slippery wet toy you’re trying to slide in. Most are just fine with the tapered handle, but with the length, having that ball shape on the end with the controls made it a great addition to being in the water. The water didn’t dampen the vibration at all that I noticed, but it was a bit louder than the Nova or the Red Dream.

— Barbwire

She’s as modest as she is sexy isn’t she!? What she failed to tell you is that when she first used the Snail Vibe, she didn’t pull it out even once till she had cummed 5 times back to back! Yes, 5! And THEN I helped her out. It was amazing, and as you can guess, I was very turned on by this point. She also failed to mention that on our very long drive home, she cummed 16 times, and most of those times were with the use of the Snail Vibe. She complained about the price before we bought it, but I haven’t heard a single complaint since! I’m just sayin’.

So is the Snail Vibe a good vibrator? Well, I can’t speak from her perspective, but from where I was sitting, this appeared to be one of her favorites (and she has several, trust me!). So yes, the Snail Vibe is a good vibrator.

— Shadow


  1. Quality packaging including a storage case.
  2. Waterproof
  3. Dual Stimulation
  4. Constant Clitoral stimulation
  5.  2 strong motors delivering powerful vibrations
  6. Strange, but effective handle
  7. Easy to access control buttons
  8. Charges fast
  9. Good battery life


  1. Their website is terrible
  2. Could be a little shorter

Barbwire’s ranking of the Snail Vibe


Shadow’s ranking of the Snail Vibe


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