Mt. Gushmore Attachment for the Motorbunny

Mt. Gushmore attachment
Mt. Gushmore attachment for Motorbunny Buck

What made us do a Mt. Gushmore review? Well, recently, Barbwire and I took a vacation for ourselves to an adult resort named Secrets Hideaway Resort in Kissimmee, FL ( If you’re interested, we’ll write a review on the resort, but the important part here was a demonstration of toys they put on poolside. First using a beautiful model on staff, then with a volunteer from the audience. The two toys they demonstrated were the Snailvibe and the Original Motorbunny with the Mt. Gushmore attachment. Since we have the Motorbunny Buck (see our review of the Buck here), I ordered the Mt. Gushmore attachment for the Buck and surprised Barbwire with it.

— Shadow

Skip the details and take me to the Juicy stuff

Mt. Gushmore attachment for Motorbunny Buck vs Original

Before you go ordering this attachment, be sure you get the correct one for the Motorbunny that you either have or are ordering with it as they are not interchangeable. The Original Motorbunny vibrates and utilizes a rod or spring in the penetrating attachment (if the attachment is equipped for it). Motorbunny buck has vibration as well, but the penetrating attachment is designed for thrusting. 

— Shadow

Mt. Gushmore for Motorbunny
For the Origional Motorbunny
Mt. Gushmore for Motorbunny Buck
Mt. Gushmore for Motorbunny Buck

Ordering from Motorbunny

When I ordered the Mt. Gushmore attachment, I was trying to surprise Barbwire and get it done while she was in the tub. This would be quick and easy, right!? Wrong! I went through the process on their web page which was easy enough, but when I got to the final page of check out, I got a page error. After two or three times, I figured I’d change and order with a different account and different credit card. I got the same error, but then, the page refreshed and the order was complete. Out of caution, I checked my account on both cards to find that I had actually ordered twice. SMH!

It was the middle of the night (probably after mid-night, but I don’t remember the exact time). I thought I’d try to contact support through the on page chat just in case. To my pleasant surprise, the customer representative was available. Support was extremely helpful and had the issue resolved in just a few minutes. Major credit to Motorbunny for quality customer support!

Delivery didn’t take long, I think I ordered on a Monday night (maybe Tuesday, my memory isn’t the best) and the package arrived while Barbwire was still sleeping Saturday morning. I was provided with a tracking number and able to keep an eye on progress through the Shop app on my phone.

— Shadow

The Mt. Gushmore Attachment

So I managed to keep it a secrete until the Mt. Gushmore attachment came in (yay me!), then brought it in and laid it on the bed beside her to find when she woke up. Packaging was simple, a white plastic bag, but the attachment is sturdy enough that I feel it was plenty safe packaged like this in the mail. Construction is 100% platinum-cured silicone. I had no clue what “platinum-cured silicone” was, nor did I really care to be honest, Motorbunny already said it was “Premium Body Safe Silicone”. It felt very nice and was sturdy and rigid where it needed to be. It was also soft and pliable where needed. So, for you, I had to look up what it was.

“First off, Platinum Silicone is not cured with peroxide, which is what standard and food-grade silicones are cured with. Platinum silicone is cured with, well, platinum, making it much safer than food-grade silicone. This ensures just one less toxin to worry about, and the purest product possible for your children.” — innobaby

— Shadow

Barbwire's reaction

He quite often is the one pointing out one or more toys for me to try…he’s a bad influence like that! Things that never would have occurred to me to get, but clearly he’s already mentally pictured me using. I vaguely remember seeing the Mt. Gushmore at Secrets, but while it looked fun, I didn’t have any immediate plans to get another attachment for The Buck just yet. Seriously, I had JUST gotten the double penetrator, and only tried it out that weekend, so to say I was surprised to wake up and see a package I didn’t order sitting on the bed is an understatement. I’d like to point out that I’m rather easily persuaded to get new toys, Shadow…not so much. But he does love to spoil me.

Seriously, we’re going to need more space! When I opened the package, I don’t know what I thought was going to be in it, but I didn’t expect that. The fact that the one we saw was for the original Motorbunny threw me off as well, since it didn’t look like the one we saw, um…advertised so to speak. As much as I enjoy The Buck, I was excited. I don’t believe I’ve got an attachment yet that I don’t like, so with this one being a little different, I expected a lot!

— Barbwire

How well does Mt. Gushmore work

I know, this is what you came here to read. All that other stuff is good information, but how well does this thing work is the real question.

Keep in mind, It’s been a couple months and a…few…new toys since (I’m fairly certain we at least pay utilities at some of these stores!). My memory isn’t quite what it once was, but the attachment is fairly self-explanatory. It’s fairly soft, but more firm on the ridges, so it’s great be able to use as much pressure as desired, without worrying that it would be so flexible it would kind of collapse on itself and not feel as good. I grabbed my bottle of Calexotics After Dark Chill Cooling lube (one of my favorites! Review to come!), and lubed up the ridges I couldn’t wait to test out.

The vibration was turned on (and so was I). A sensation enhancing lube, along with the vibration while grinding back and forth against that is definitely something you want to try! Of course you don’t have to use a cooling lube, that’s just my preference. I would encourage some sort of lube, because that always makes things feel a little more interesting. A couple of orgasms with that, and I was worn out! I could feel the vibration throughout every part of the attachment by body came in contact with, so yay for the heavy-duty toys!

— Barbwire

Barbwire says I broke her

Barbwire and I will often take turns having “our night”. For example, when it’s her night, she can do whatever she wants, and I have to go along with it. Think of it in the form that she is in a dominant position and I am in the submissive. Of course, when the role is reversed, I am in the dominant position and she submits (mostly). Blindfolds, handcuffs and more… um… “toys”..? may be involved, but not always. 

She’d already tested Mt. Gushmore out by the time “my night” rolled around, but I’d enjoyed it and wanted to play with it some more. When she finished her bath, I brought her in blindfolded and had her crawl on (adding in her knee pads for risers). I had the 7″ dong attached (pre-lubed of course) and had her climb on top. Then, I secured her hands with some of her own custom leather cuffs to a rope hanging from the ceiling and placed a bar gag in her mouth.

Considering her position, movement was very limited, so in the name of safety for her cervix, I did NOT utilize the thrusting motion. Remember, it’s 7 inches PLUS the thrusting motion, that’d be rude. I started with the vibrations slow, and over the next hour (and multiple gasms) increased the level. By the time we’d finished, I hadn’t even reached the halfway point on the dial.  Before you judge, in case you’ve never been blindfolded and restrained, sensations are ten times stronger or more (non-scientific study done by us of course). For the next three days she said her abs were sore and claimed she was broken. Apparently, this thing is great for your abs!

— Shadow

How she tells the story...

Like Shadow mentioned, we play back and forth with being either dominant or submissive (mostly haha). I knew he had a plan, and I was looking forward to finding out what was in store. Remember, I was blindfolded…part of the fun is not knowing what to expect. After being led to the room with no idea what to expect, I can honestly say I didn’t expect to have my hands tied up with my own cuffs from the ceiling and then being assisted onto The Buck. As soon as I felt that, I knew Mt. Gushmore was involved.

The vibration was the only part we used that night, but it was awesome! Being blindfolded really does make every sensation more intense, and I intensely had multiple orgasms on that thing. I’m fairly certain that by the time we were done, I could barely stand up. I’m reasonably sure he is the cause of abdominal muscle damage…or maybe it was just the multiple intense orgasms. All I know is it hurt to tense up for a bit…so worth it!

— Barbwire

Mt. Gushmore with 7" Dong
Mt. Gushmore with 7" Dong

Mt. Gushmore has ridges!

Mt. Gushmore Ridges
Mt. Gushmore Ridges

Back to the construction of Mt. Gushmore. It is very soft, think silicone (duh!), but the raised part that gives it it’s name has smooth ridges! The design allows you to first, be able to feel the vibrations while being penetrated (the flat attachment does not), and second change positions to get the best vibrations right where you want them! And don’t forget, since the Buck has a 90 degree attachment, you can still use this in either the missionary or doggy style position as well!

— Shadow

Pro's and Con's of the Mt. Gushmore Attachment


  1. Cost
  2. Construction
  3. Motorbunny Support
  4. Design
  5. Her reaction
  6. Power (by Motorbunny of course!)
  7. Can be used in multiple positions


  1. The only Con we could really think of here is more for the Buck than Mt. Gushmore. If you’re short, you may need knee pads when riding it to raise you up a little.

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Do you have your own experience with the Mt. Gushmore attachment for either the Original Motorbunny or the Buck? Please, leave it in the comments for others.

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